Code of Conduct

  • This Code of Conduct outlines what is and is not allowed on Youth Nation and applies to both content and conduct on the OpenSim grid. So, make sure that your conduct (as well as any content created or shared) is appropriate for a diverse audience and does not violate the Community Standards.
    • DO NOT Harass or bully other users through conduct, including:
     Stalking or repeatedly following others against their wishes;
     Forcing someone into a RP situation;
     Cornering, blocking normal movement, physically intimidating or invading personal space without consent;
     Encouraging intimidation or bullying of others, including threats to SWAT, hack, dox, or DDOS; and
     Sharing or Spreading of a user’s Real-Life information is prohibited.
    • DO NOT Conduct yourself in an offensive or abusive way, including:
     Supporting or representing hateful ideologies or groups by using symbols or attacking people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability
    • DO NOT Post, Trade or Collect imagery that is illegal in the State of California. Especially:
     Any imagery depicting a real-life child in any sexual situation. Users who possess or attempt to obtain any such material on this service will be banned permanently.
    • DO NOT take other creators original works from YN and pass them around to strangers or people who would god mode the items: God modeing items from youth nation or its creators is prohibited.
    Public Conduct – Rules for public sims or while hyper gridding.
    • Wear an adult AVI while hyper gridding, this protects you and our grid.
    • Do not publicly ask for sex in local chat. (It looks terrible, use the private message system)
    • Don’t solicit sex while hyper gridding.
    • Slave/BDSM/Rape RP is not allowed in public and should only be done on designated private sims with an adult rating that permit this.
    • Violent RP is also not allowed in public sims. (Causing injury/blood/death)
    • Don’t harass people for sex. If they say no, it means NO - move on. (There are many people who play here who are not here for sexual encounters and this should be respected)
    • Do not contact staff for a personal matter between you and another individual (i.e. drama). Use the block feature -that’s why it’s there.
    Please rate your sims appropriately
    General = PG sim , Moderate = sexual content , ADULT = any Hardcore Kinks like BDSM
    If we find that you have violated the Terms of Service or this Conduct Policy across Discord or Youth Nation services, we may take action, including temporarily restricting or suspending your account. For repeated or egregious offenses, we may permanently disable your account.